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The conflict in the northeastern part of Nigeria is the most complex in the world, as the conflict continues to take different dimensions, more non-state security actors continue to emerge thus making the conflict quite difficult for a one-way-centered intervention. The international communities, donor agencies, INGOs, and NGOs present do get overwhelmed as such and often overlook the significance of community inclusion and ownership.

Young people and communities have been the most affected by the violent terrorist activities in the region and thus making them the largest pool of beneficiaries in the humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding arena- this position of vulnerability has led them to be seen as mere beneficiaries and have often been involved only in the politicized decision-making process and then cut off from the designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation phase of projects meant for them.

XPeace Associates is an indigenous innovation Centre that locally drives globally supported peace and security intervention with the aim of bridging the gap between donors, implementing partners, and target communities by creating a safe space where all actors can dialogue and facilitate the ownership and sustainability of projects by communities and young people who will be trained to drive the implementation locally using a context-based approach.

We leverages on the creativity of youths and grassroots data to inform its engagement with partners and communities.


Ownership of peace and security efforts by affected communities by bridging the gap between donor, implementing organization, and target communities.


Localizing and facilitating the local implementation of peace and security projects and interventions at all levels

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UNSCR 2250 Promotion in Lake Chad

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